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Volume 1
Section 1
15 December 1965
parting from an airfield.
Elevation: Cosecanting to 45 deg
Azimuth: 1 deg when target range is
The  AN/MPN-16  is  similar  to  the  AN/MPN-1.1,
more than 1O pct of indicator range.
difference is in production models.  The AN/MPN-16
Range: 4 pct when target range is more
and AN/MPN-14 are similar to the AN/MPN-15 and
than 20 pct of indicator range setting.
AN/MPN-13, difference is the mobile RAPCON used
with the AN/MPN-16 and AN/MPN-14, but not with the
Azimuth: 2.3 deg when target range is
AN/MPN-15 and AN/MPN-13.  The AN/MPN-16 is a
more than 30 pct of indicator range setting.
basic AN/MPN-15 with a mobile RAPCON added. Also,
Range: 675-ft target separation or
to adopt it for use with the mobile RAPCON, the Radar
1 pct of indicator range setting, whichever is
Set has been modified to remote search and precision
indicating functions, performance monitoring signals,
PRF: 1100 pps, 2 pct
and communications control to the RAPCON van.
Amplitude (terminated in 100 ohms): 35v
Additional uhf radio sets have been installed, new
min for at least 0.5 usec at 50 pct of peak
telephone facilities have been provided, and two-way
intercon  stations  have  been  added  to  facilitate
Rise Time: 400v per usec min
maintenance of the equipment. The AN/MPN-15 is a
Indicator Characteristics (Search Radar)
basic AN/MPN-11C or AN/MPN-11D, difference is an
improved model incorporating recent changes such as
Type: 12 in. ppi
extended range coverage, additional search cursors;
Information: Normal and MTI video,
improved receiver design, and monitoring of the power
range marks, angle marks, cursors,
output, relative tuning, and noise figure characteristics.
and IFF/SIF video.
Sweeps: Rotating linear sweep synchro-
Primary AC Power
nized with antenna scan.
Requirement: 120/208v, 4-wire, 3 ph,
60 cps, 30 kw (min) RAPCON trailer
Range Marks: 5, 10, 20, 40, 60, and
only 66 kw including radar set,
200 naut mi
regulated to 117 plus or minus 2v
Range Mark Calibration:
for input of 103-132v
2-mi intervals on 5- and 10-mi ranges
Source: Government furnished diesel-
5-mi intervals on 20- and 40-mi ranges
engine generator or commercial
10-mi intervals on 60-mi range
DC Power
50-mi intervals on 200-mi range
Requirement: plus 28v
Off-Centering: Sweep center may be moved
Source: plus 28v, 50 amp power supply
to edge of display, approximately doub-
in RAPCON trailer, or batteries in
ling range up to 60-mi max in sector
power trailer at 10 amp max for emer-
displayed except for 40-, 60-, and 200-mi
gency conditions.
Communication Frequency
Angle Marks: At -5 deg, O deg, and plus 15
Transmitting and Receiving:
deg to indicate outline of precision
100 to 156 mc and
azimuth coverage with respect to runway
225 to 399.9 mc
General Operating Characteristics
Electronic Cursors: Two (or three if 3rd
(Search Radar)
indicator is used) separate cursors to
Frequency Range: 2780 to 2820 mc
indicate desired flightpaths.
Power Output: 600 kw (peak)
Maps: Navigation head and compass rose
Range (determined with T-33 type aircraft):
for mechanical calibration of target
At 2000 ft, at least 20 naut mi
bearing and as provided by video mapper.
At 6000 ft, at least 25 naut mi
General Operating Characteristics
At 10, 000 ft, at least 30 naut mi
(Precision Radar)
At 25, 000 ft, at least 35 naut mi
Frequency Range: 9000 to 9160 mc
Azimuth: 360 deg
AN/MPN-16: 2
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